Illusion Karate Academy

Instructors Message

Illusion Karate Academy instructors are dedicated individuals and committed to the advancement of the school and perservearance of each student. We have all trained long and hard to become the best instructors for our students. We each have a tendency to train our students that way that we were trained - HARD - SHARP - and FAST. Our backgrounds may be different but our goals are the same. Our individual past is what make us unique, our continuing passion of martial arts is what defines us. No matter what we do we all believe that our students are the future and it is through them that IKA morals and goals will continue to strive.

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Derald Queen

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Sensei Master

Gerard Smith

Chief Operating Officer Master Sensei

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Linwood Bethea

Master Sensei

Sean Ayers

4th Degree Black Belt

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Luther Jeffereson

2nd Degree Black Belt

Jonathan Wright

4th Degree Black Belt

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