Cosmetological Studies - Seminar Registration - Hair: Painting With Scissors


Seminar Description


Hair: Painting With Scissors — This class will introduce the Hair Care Professional to the Cut Junkie! "Painting with Scissors" Method. "Painting" is an intuitive approach to shaping the hair that creates a fabulous siihouette, accentuates the features and yields layers that move into infinity effortlessly. This form of shaping requires that the stylist tap into their inner artist and begin to see each client as a blank canvas. The mindshift is the first step in transforming a stylist that cuts into a stylist that PAINTS. Painting with Scissors is a product of each stylists imagination.We teach stylist "HOW" to Paint, not "WHAT" to paint. This isn't  paint by numbers, it's paint by imagination!


Participant equipment and supplies: Mannequine head and stand, 5.0 or 5.5 shears, cutting and rat-tail combs, (6) clips, blowdryer with nozzel, flatiron, denman brush, spray bottle, (2) towels, pencil and paper.

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