Cosmetological Studies - Seminar Registration - Back to Basics: The Manicure & Pedicure


Seminar Description


Back To Basics — The Back To Basics course reinforces the procedures to rendering a quality and long lasting manicure and pedicure. Students will be instructed on essential techniques, effective products and professional soft skills that will ensure success as a nail technician.


Participant equipment and supplies - Manicure Supplies: Manicuring Bowl ,1/4 Jaw Cuticle Nippers (Mehaz preferred brand), Cuticle Pusher (OPI Pusher Plus preferred brand), Cuticle Cream (of choice), Cuticle Oil (of choice), Nail Prep Aid (such as OPI Bond Aid, etc), Lint Free Nail Wipes, Pure Acetone (or regular polish remover), Cotton, Nail Files of various grits, Nail Buffer (any color but black), Massage Lotion, Hand Sanitizer, Nail Brush, Anti-Bacteria Soap


Participant equipment and supplies - Pedicure Supplies: Callous Treatments, Scrubs, Spa Treatments, Implements such as foot files, callous removers, pumice stones, etc.

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