Cosmetological Studies - Seminar Registration - Hair: Hair Coloring and Lightening


Seminar Description


Advanced Hair Coloring and Technology — The Hair Coloring Professional will be able to demonstrate the theory of hair coloring using the seven stages of lightening with Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Color as well as Color on Color. The Color Professional will be able to demonstrate the practical application when using corrective measures for hair that is chemically treated, damaged, and gray or white. The focus is classification with color, using 10, 20, 30, and 40-volume developer, color removal and stain prevention with application and processing.


Participant equipment and supplies: color apron, combs, clips, 2 tint bowls, 2 tint brushes, 2 forks, 6 pairs of gloves, water bottles, frosting caps with needles, vent brush with ball tips, rubber bands, scotch tape, 3 plastic caps, 3 cloth towels and 3 paper towels, lightening foil and paper with pen.

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