Cosmetological Studies - Seminar Registration - Hair: Advanced Barbering


Seminar Description


Advanced Barbering — The Barber will be able to apply a culmination of advanced theory and continued practical experience in performing various facial treatments, perform various massage and manipulation techniques, identify the disease of the hair, skin, and scalp, enhance proper techniques for honing and stropping and proper shaving techniques. The seminar's focus is creative shaping and cutting silhouettes.


Participant equipment and supplies: 1 Wahl super tape clipper, 1 Andis styliner, 1 trimmer, 1 7-inch cutting shear, 1 5-inch cutting shear, 2 barber tape combs, 2 style combs, 1 neck duster, 1 hair cutting cape, 1 male mannequin and stand, 1 water spray bottle and 1 plastic clipper guard set.

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