Afraid to go beyond a temporary rinse?  Are you praying to the color gods to get results? Tired of one dimensional  color? Trouble with gray coverage? ….you need to get your color game back!

Cosmetological Studies presents...

The Color BAC(k) workshops are designed to provide  stylists with basic and advanced education to offer clients an outstanding hair color experience while maintaining the integrity of the hair. These hands–on workshops incorporate in the following areas:


Basic- topics include the laws of color/color theory, importance of consultation and analysis, product knowledge, proper formulation and grey coverage


Artistic-topics include highlighting, dimensional color, color placement, hair painting


Corrective-topics include the importance of consultation, understanding underlying pigment, realistic expectations, the cost and time of correction

MAY 31, 2015


Basic workshop


Time:  9am-2pm


 Career investment: $125


Limited to first 20 participants

10% discount ($30) if both workshops purchased


Limited to first 20 participants

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