Queen's Business Group

Queen's Business Group (QBG) takes pride in helping you to bring out the best of who and what GOD made you by helping you to harness and cultivate the skills, talents, and attributes that you possess through an array of products and services. You deserve the best and we are committed to giving you the highest quality service and education. Queen's Business Group (QBG) believes that to shape and mold an individual, you must first begin with changing the way individuals view themselves, others, and how that individual approaches the vast challenges of everyday life. Thus, QBG endeavors to provide some of the tools to meet these challenges to bring about such a change. QBG's center and its programs are open to all who want to participate regardless of sex, age, race, or religious beliefs.

Queen's Business Group is always looking for opportunities to expand. As we continue to grow as a company, we never lose sight of the individuals that make it successful. Our business endeavors are always focused on our commitment to the community, and we strive to make those that we come in

contact with better. The future of the QBG is everlasting, not only because of the services that we provide but also because we set future plans for our younger staff to carry on the goals and morals of the QBG. We seek partnerships with those who share the same ideas and goals that we have. We foresee additional beauty services and martial arts instruction throughout our neighboring communities. We seek all opportunities to advance the QBG and any other organization.


About Derald Queen


Derald A. Queen is the founder of Queen's Business Group (QBG).  QBG is comprised of Miracles Hair, All Manner of Hair, Illusion Karate Academy, Motivational Speaking and Professional Services by Chanise Reese Queen. 

Derald founded Illusion Karate Academy in 1992 where he teaches karate to ages three and above.  Illusion Karate Academy provides individuals and families with the opportunity to learn the philosophical, mental, and physical fundamentals associated with martial arts. 

Derald has 43 years in the beauty industry teaching, administration, and management experience — including several years of valuable community service. He is certified by the American Cancer Society to work with cancer patients in the cutting and styling of wigs. Additionally, Mr. Queen is a Cosmetology Principal, Teacher, Master Hair Cutter, makeup artist and Master Hair Colorist.

Derald enjoys giving back to the community. His community service includes Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of Central Maryland, Carver Vo-Tech High School, Maryland Food Committee, Anne Arundel County Public Schools, Regional Institute for Children and Adolescents (RICA), Salon Advisory Council for Johns Hopkins Research and Mervo High School.

Derald is a motivational speaker. He speaks on topics such as Entrepreneurship, Hair Care, Youth Development, Leadership and much more.  He has spoken for several organizations including the National Kidney Foundation and Baltimore City Department of Housing. 

Derald is a veteran of the United States Navy. He is married to Chanise Reese-Queen and lives in Glen Burnie, Maryland.


Motivational Speaking and Inspiration

Derald A. Queen is the founder of Queen's Business Group (QBG).  QBG is comprised of Miracles Hair, Illusion Karate Academy and Qri~Osity educational and salon consultants. He has over 40 years in the martial arts and beauty industry, making him an inspirational leader across all major facets.